Benefits Of Bay Leaves

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Benefits of Bay Leaves

We do not consume bay leaves directly. However, it is added to curries and stew to add flavor. When you cook them, they supply calcium, potassium, iron, manganese and vitamins C. Although research is still ongoing to determine its potential health benefits, many folks use it to treat a wide range of disease. This article will educate you on the nutritional benefits of adding bay leaves to your food.

1. Anti-inflammation effects

Massage bay leaf oil to your skin to reduce inflammation and pain resulting from sprains, strains, arthritis and general pains and aches. Bay leaf oil is also useful in massaging the temples so as to relieve migraines and headaches.

2. Healthy digestion

Drinking a concoction of bay leaf tea with hot water can help alleviate common digestive disorders including constipation, acid reflux, and irregular bowel movements. It also contains enzymes that play a role in the breakdown of proteins, which make is an excellent spice for meaty diet s. Other popular benefits include reduced gas and improved digestion.

3. Reduces risk of heart disease

Studies show that the leaves may help reduce your chance of developing cardiovascular disease. They do contain valuable compounds, including rutin, salicylates, caffeic acid, and phytonutrients, which help enhance cardiovascular health.

4. Treats colds

Boil water and add two three bay leaves then allow it to steam for 10 minutes. Place a wet cloth on your chest to help alleviate respiratory infections, flu, cold and cough. Also, you can drink a hot cup of tea made from bay leaf to reduce fever.

5. Prevents bacterial infection

Bay leaf has antifungal and antibacterial properties. You can apply it to your skin to treat skin infections. Also, you can use bay leaf oil to heat cuts, bruises and insect bites.

Overall, it has few undesirable side effects and is safe when consumed in moderation. However, it may cause occupational asthma and dermatitis.

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