Benefits Of Barley Tea

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Benefits of Barley Tea

Health enthusiasts who are keen in beverages that have therapeutic properties might be fascinated by barley tea. This tea is accessible in tea bags and loose grains as well. Some the advantages associated with barley tea include improving digestion and also treating various kinds of infections. Other key health promoting effects are as follows;

1. Antioxidant effects
Barley tea possesses effective antioxidant effects that were proved in an investigation that was carried out by some Japanese researchers. The scientists tested the different chemical components found in barley tea on their effects on unstable oxidants that cause cell death resulting in health complications. Neurodegenerative, cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases are some of the key diseases that arise from unstable oxidants. The researchers found that 10 chemicals in barley tea were capable of scavenging and destroying the unstable oxidants.

2. Kills bacteria
Barley tea has antibacterial benefits as it inhibits the intake of streptococci. Researchers ascertained this fact once they exposed ceramic breads that were pretreated mimicking teeth enamel to this bacterium. The tea acted through not only inhibiting bacterial colonization but also adhesion to the teeth. Researchers recommend the roasted version of barley tea as it has more antibacterial properties. This is because the anti-adhesive effects are absent in any barley tea that is not roasted.

3. Prevents clotting
As barley tea prevents clotting, it helps to enhance blood fluidity. High viscosity of blood can result in compromised blood circulation as well as related health problems. Health experts believe that the circulation and fluidity of blood is greatly improved with frequent barley tea intake. This ensures that oxygen and other essential minerals are effectively transported to the desired areas.

Furthermore, barley tea helps cleans the body and eliminate clotting. Early cold symptoms are also alleviated using this tasty tea and you should therefore start drinking it today.

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