Benefits Of Banning Cellphone While Driving

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Benefits of Banning Cellphone While Driving

Mobile phone texting while driving is very common today. An increase in fatal accidents resulting from texting when driving has led to the introduction of laws tailored to cell phone use when driving. In fact, some countries have enacted regulations that ban use of hand held devices and advocate the use of hands-free devices. Banning cell phone use while driving indeed has a number of benefits as listed below.

1. Reduces risk of accidents

Today, I am certain you agree with me that people use their cell phone almost anywhere. You may even see a person talking on their phone while driving. According to recent studies conducted by different agencies, driving while using the phone can be convenient with regards to saving time, but using your phone while driving is risky and can cause a fatal accident. Therefore, avoiding using your phone while driving can prevent fatal accidents.

2. Better concentration

Driving requires your concentration to control the car and swiftly respond to any change around you. In other words, it involves constant co-ordination between the body and mind. Use of cellphone while driving is a distraction that can interfere with your concentration, making you exposed to accidents.

3. Increases performance

Several studies show that engaging in texting while driving significantly lowers driving performance. For that reason, it is evident that use of a Bluetooth device can help lower distraction to some extent. Research has shown that the number of near-crashes and vehicle crashes resulting to cell phone use is matched to listening or talking.

4. Hands – free mobile

The state of New York banned hand-held talking on the cell phone while driving. Nonetheless, drivers are allowed to wear blue tooth devices when driving to reduce accidents.

Always make sure you avoid any distraction while driving to prevent fatal accidents.

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