Benefits of baby formula

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Benefits of baby formula

Medical experts, nutritionists, and parents would always choose breastfeeding over baby or infant formula. ‘ Human milk is considered the most nutritious and beneficial for newborns. ‘ This fact has applied in the past and has continued to be relevant even up to today. ‘ If given the choice, people would choose breastmilk over any infant formula. ‘ But there are cases though that may merit the use of baby formula. ‘ This situation especially applies to mothers who may not have enough breast milk to feed their babies. ‘ Other women may also have other medical concerns which may make them decide to use baby formula. ‘ The use of baby formula has the following benefits:

1. Great nutritional value

Although it still doesn’t compare to the benefits from breastmilk, various baby formula are fortified with the best vitamins and minerals that babies may need for optimum growth and development. ‘ Various ailments may also be prevented with the nutrition that babies may get from infant formula.

2. More options for mothers and babies

Some babies are considered choosy when it comes to milk taste. ‘ There are even babies who dislike the taste of their own mother’s breast milk. ‘ With various options from infant formula, the baby’s needs and/or preferences can be easily addressed. ‘ There are various infant formula products that are sourced not only from cow’s milk but also from soy. ‘ This is a great option for babies who are diagnosed to be lactose-intolerant. ‘ Mothers may also choose several flavor options to address the nutritional needs of their own babies.

3. Easy and instant use

Baby formula can be used to feed babies literally anytime and anywhere. ‘ The availability concern may sometimes come up when talking about breastmilk. ‘ But with baby formula, mothers need not worry on convenience and availability.

Many baby formula products are marketed toward the baby’s basic and extra nutritional needs. ‘ Although breastfeeding is almost always advised to mothers, the use of baby formula at some point is also not discouraged.

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