Benefits Of Baby Aspirin

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Benefits of Baby Aspirin

Also referred as low dose aspirin, baby aspirin has been in use for a very long time. Baby aspirin generally contains 81 mg of acetylsalicylic acid. This acid works by preventing Cox-2 enzymes from working. These Cox-2 enzymes are responsible producing prostaglandins which are pain causing hormones. The following are more benefits of baby aspirin.

1. Increase fertility
Taking baby aspirin daily helps by increasing blood flow to the uterus which in return makes the lining of the uterus healthier. This aids in the successful implantation of the baby. Other studies show that baby aspirin increases activity in the ovaries by allowing them to produce multiple eggs when ovulation is taking place. If you are experiencing fertility problems, your health practitioner may prescribe baby aspirin.

2. Prevents blood clots
Baby aspirin is used as a blood thinner and works by preventing blood clotting issues which are well connected to miscarriage problems. Taking low doses of aspirin makes the blood platelets less sticky thereby allowing blood to freely travel to the unborn baby through the placenta. Usually low aspirin dosages are prescribed to be taken with an anticoagulant.

3. Anti-aging effects
Research has now shown that baby aspirin also has anti-aging effects on the body by reducing the formation of wrinkles. Its properties as a blood thinner also contribute into the anti-aging properties which it has on the body.

4. Pain reliever
Taking low dosages of aspirin help in relieving pain especially in people who are prone to heart attacks. They are encouraged to take dosages of aspirin to ward off such problems as it prohibits certain enzymes formation which are responsible for pain causing hormones.

Conversely, baby aspirin is not recommended to people with nonsteroidal resistance or people who have bleeding problems as it might accelerate the rate of bleeding and trigger peptic ulcers.

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