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Benefits of Asacol

Benefits of Asacol

Asacol is a brand name of the drug called Mesalimine and it is mainly used for minimizing bowel inflammation due to ulcerative colitis. It is also prescribed for other ailments that result in bowel inflammation like Crohn’s Disease. This drug is basically non-steroidal in nature and when consumed regularly, it reduces bowel inflammation and allows the colon to start healing itself.

1. Highly effective

The coating of Asacol makes it truly effective as it is made such that it will dissolve only when it reaches a part within the body which has a high PH level. As a result, this particular drug is simple to swallow. It is guaranteed that it is not going to dissolve inside the stomach, but it passes to the intestines and settles within the colon. As soon as it reaches the colon, Asacol melts away allowing the anti-inflammatory drug to be absorbed, reducing both colon and rectum inflammation.

2. Anti-inflammatory

Asacol is a truly beneficial anti-inflammatory medication that you can take, particularly if you are currently suffering from ulcerative colitis. It works through stopping the manufacture of harmful inflammatory chemicals within the colon lining. Hence, this drug reduces the release of specific chemicals that result in inflammation and worsening of conditions like ulcerative colitis. This helps reduce diarrhea and bleeding.

3. Treats male infertility

One study observed the effects of Asacol on the male reproductive system, particularly on infertility. This research looked a similar ulcerative colitis medication called Sulfasalazine that usually results in male infertility. During this study, the men who had developed infertility were given Asacol. The researchers found that all men displayed better sperm count along with enhanced sperm motility.

Taking Asacol together with some medications can enhance the likelihood of getting side effects. Hence, prescribing doctors should know about all the medications you are currently taking to avoid further complications.

Benefits of Asacol

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