Benefits Of Articles of Confederation

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Benefits of Articles of Confederation

The articles of confederation was ratified in 1981 and specified exactly how the United States government was to carry out its mandate. A committee was appointed by the Congress to make proposals and draft the recommendations. Thereafter, the recommendations were sent for ratification in 1977. Once the process was completed, all states were sovereign and were given an opportunity to oversee government functions.

1. Pension for soldiers
The articles of confederation supported the move to compensate soldiers, and allowed all the states to form a cohesive front to help deal with other European powers. In other words, the articles of confederation was focused to create a centralized government that was prepared to protects its territory, and had promised to give soldiers a pension pay as a compensation for their services.

2. Foreign policy
After peace was achieve, the centralized government was weak and this affected the governments’ ability to improve foreign relations. However, constant pressure from major players in the government, as well as public outcry urged the government to conduct meaningful foreign policy.

3. Commerce and taxation
The articles of confederation gave the Congress the opportunity to participate in decision making, but were not given the power to enforce them. This encouraged unanimous approval prior to making any modifications to the articles. Because all the states were actively involved in law making, the centralized government was able to execute its mandate with ease.

4. Territorial boundaries
The articles of confederation did take influential steps with lasting impact. For instance, the Northwest Ordinance and land ordinance implemented in 1784 lead to the creation of territorial government, and set up mechanisms for equitable distribution of land. Moreover, it set aside a sizeable land in every state for public use. The new system also provided the foundation for continental expansion.
The articles of confederation did have its drawbacks as well. For starters, the militia controlled the states since there was no centralized government.

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  1. Nicolette

    May 11, 2014 12:35 pm

    No! The Articles of Confederation were not written in 1977, they were accepted by Congress in 1777 and ratified in 1781, lasting for seven years.

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