Benefits Of Aricept

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Benefits of Aricept

Getting diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease is quite fearsome, particularly since this disease is both progressive and also fatal. Even though it does not have a specific cure, there are treatments available for improving the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. Aricept is one of the drugs approved by FDA for reducing the progression pace of this disease. Here are Aricept benefits.

1. Cognition benefits

Cognition refers to the thought processes that include judgment, memory, planning, language and also the capability of paying attention. Alzheimer’s disease normally causes a reduction in all these cognitive areas. However, Aricept intake boosts cognition significantly in approximately 60% of patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Those taking this particular drug generally show an enhancement in language, memory and attention.

2. Delays nursing home placement

Doctors recommend that those with Alzheimer’s diseases stay in their own homes adjusted to suit their medical and physical needs provided it is achievable. Treating such people with Aricept helps to slow the advancement of symptoms and thus delays placement of patients into nursing homes. This keeps people in their own setting for extended periods, which is a beneficial treatment option.

3. Slows Alzheimer’s progression

An essential chemical messenger required for memory and learning known as acetylcholine usually breaks down, causing a memory failure. Aricept works though lowering acetylcholine breakdown and thus enhancing the amounts of this chemical messenger in a patient’s brain.

4. Prevents functional debility

When you have a steady cognitive state because of Aricept intake, you can remain physically and socially active. Aricept use may therefore prevent functional decline, which includes the capability of bathing, feeding and dressing one’s self. Patients will experience lessened likelihood of functional decline following 12 months of use.

While most people tolerate Aricept use well, side effects might occur in certain people. These include vomiting, diarrhea and nausea.

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