Benefits Of Aquaculture

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Benefits of Aquaculture

Fish farming or aquaculture has been practiced for centuries. With improvements in technology, fish farming has grown in the past few years and has become a successful industry. While environmental extremists and commercial fishermen often come up with reasons to belittle aquaculture, here are the reasons why fish farming has become popular.

1. Preserves natural ecosystem
Aquaculture does not necessarily involve the capture of indigenous fish. You can raise fish in ponds and sell them without drying up the ocean allowing for preservation of the ecosystem. In simple terms, aquaculture is environment friendly.

2. Health benefits
Farm-raised sea food is healthier than wild fish. This is because fish are usually fed loads of nutrient-rich diet s and proteins in farms, which make them healthier and nutritious than wild sea food. For example, sea food is an excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acids that help improve liver and cardiovascular health.

3. Job employment
Since most folks rely on sea food as their main source of proteins, aquaculture is often a viable option for many as it provides job opportunities. For instance, fish exportation generates more capital than other food commodities, which means there is opportunity to generate more capital and employment positions.

4. Ease of availability
Aquaculture has become a successful industry that thrives well due to increased demand of sea food. While catching wild fish may pose risk of extinction with regards to native species, aquaculture aims at keeping the ecosystem in check.

5. Dietary needs
Sea food is a great source of minerals, proteins, micronutrients and essential fatty acids. Increased supply of fish products is as a result of expanding dietary behaviors. According to recent studies, regular consumption of sea food is good for cardiovascular health.

Aquaculture may have a negative toll on local flora and fauna, not to mention it causes potential distress to the ecosystem.

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