Benefits Of Aqua Natal

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Benefits of Aqua Natal

Aqua natal are low impact exercises to keep fit after pregnancy. These exercises are intended to help you recover both mentally and physically after pregnancy, but are less intensive compared to aerobics. Aqua natal exercises are conducted in water, which help relax your entire body.

1. Improves breathing

Because water act as a form of resistance, you can perform exercises as hard as you can without spraining your ligaments and joints. Water offer great buoyancy that supports your body, which produces an amazing feeling of lightness during the breathing exercises.

2. Reduces post natal depression

Aqua natal classes promote body awareness during and after pregnancy, by stressing the importance of exercise to alleviate the symptoms of postnatal and antenatal depression. Moreover, aqua natal exercises help reduce and eliminate back pain after pregnancy compared to land-based exercises.

3. Builds your abdominal muscles

Aqua natal exercises help strengthen your abdominal muscles, including the pelvic floor muscles. Keeping your muscles toned reduce the risk of involuntary defecation or urination after pregnancy. Also, these exercises give you the opportunity to meet expectant mums to share your experience.

4. Faster recovery after child birth

Post natal exercises help prepare you both psychologically and physically for successful childbirth. Moreover, it is the best way to keep fit during pregnancy to help improve your overall health. Although these exercises will help you maintain healthy weight, they are not intended for weight loss.

5. Better health

Aqua natal exercises improve your health both during pregnancy and after giving birth, even when you experience complications during birth, it improves stamina and circulation. Exercises also reduce back pains, thereby help you recover faster.

6. Less intensive

These exercises are less intensive compared to land-based exercises such as lifting weights. They include walking, swimming and prenatal yoga classes.

Breastfeeding mothers are vulnerable to hydration, therefore they require intake of fluids during exercise.

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