Benefits Of Apricot Kernels

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Benefits of Apricot Kernels

Apricot kernels or apricot seeds comprise of high amounts of vitamin B17, a very helpful nutrient. Health experts describe vitamin B17, also called amygdalin, as having beneficial properties for lowering the pain related to arthritis and also reducing blood pressure. Nevertheless, the most commonly noted attribute of apricot kernels is that they aid in cancer prevention and fighting as well. For more benefits of apricot kernels, continue reading below.

1. Cancer prevention
You might be stunned of the fact that our bodies are constantly creating cancer causing cells. However, the immune system helps to fight those cancer cells and eliminate them. At times, these cancer cells can multiply quickly, making it hard for an individual’s immune system to deal with them. Through consuming apricot kernels, you provide your body sufficient amygdalin to strengthen your cancer fighting effects. Furthermore, amygdalin only destroys cancer cells and does not affect or harm the healthy unaffected cells.

2. Skin care
Dried apricot kernels can be cold pressed so as to create a kind of oil that is easily absorbed into the skin. This oil has strong skin softening effects as well. In fact, apricot oil contains lots of useful vitamins like E, A and C that are essential for irritated and dry skin. Another common use of apricot oil is like a moisturizer, where it enhances suppleness and elasticity. In massage therapy, this oil is used like the carrier oil as it does not leave behind an oily deposit like most oils. In addition, apricot kernels are also utilized in making facial scrubs to aid improve circulation.

3. Culinary benefits
Apricot kernels are sometimes used in recipes to enhance the nutritional value or taste of the meal. Both the bitter and sweet varieties are utilized in baking, liqueurs and confections. They are normally replaced with almonds since they have similar flavors.

Consequently, apricot kernels pose a health danger when eaten in abundance because of the cyanide content. Cyanide toxicity can cause headaches, dizziness and hypotension.

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