Benefits Of Alsi Seeds

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Benefits of Alsi Seeds

Alsi seeds, commonly called flax seeds, are popularly consumed by vegetarians and vegans who are looking for alternative sources of essential fatty acids. Nevertheless, every person can get benefits from the addition of alsi seeds into the diet . Aside from fatty acids, alsi seeds have the following health benefits.

1. Benefit diabetics
Omega 3 fatty acids present in alsi seeds are used for producing compounds that lower blood clot formation, which can lower heart attack in patients suffering from diabetes and atherosclerosis. Furthermore, alsi seeds consumption enables the production of flexible body cell membranes. Even though critical for every person, highly elastic cell membranes are important for individuals with diabetes as they are more capable of responding to insulin.

2. Lower cholesterol
In a research involving patients with very high cholesterol, daily intake of ground alsi seeds was contrasted to taking stating drugs. After 50 days, considerable reductions were observed in overall cholesterol levels in the two groups. Those getting alsi seeds showed similar results as those receiving statin drugs.

3. Fiber
Alsi seeds offer great fiber sources, which may lower cholesterol in individuals with diabetes and heart disease. Fiber reduces the contact between cancerous chemicals and colon cells. It also stabilizes levels of blood sugar and assists to alleviate constipation. Being a good magnesium source, alsi seeds lower the harshness of asthma through keeping the airways relaxed.

4. Lower hot flashes
Scientists recruited 30 postmenopausal women with at least 12 hot flushes every week but who could not ingest estrogen due to an enhanced breast cancer risk. After consuming 40 g of ground alsi seeds every day for 6 weeks, the regularity of the hot flashes reduced by 50% in all the participating women.

Since alsi seeds enhance stool bulk as well as regularity of defecation, individuals with diverticular disease and bowel obstruction should shun its intake.

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