Benefits of Aikido

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Benefits of Aikido

To understand the benefits of Aikido, one needs to be familiar with martial arts. Aikido is an effective self-defense technique that signifies the way of life. It comes from the Japanese word, ‘’Budo”- a skill in martial art. Â’ Japanese martial art lays emphasis on applying the principles of martial art, like courage, decisiveness, strength and courage in our daily lives.

1. Improves physical strength

The body can exert strength in two ways namely expansive and contractive. For instance, fitness activities like weight training focus on the former, thereby target specific muscle groups to improve mass, power and tone. The downside it this, nonetheless, is that entire coordination and body movement are rarely emphasized, resulting to decrease in flexibility and tension in the joints. Therefore, Aikido develops your body accordingly, allowing stretching of muscles in a relaxed manner.

2. Psychological Benefits

With Aikido training, the physical relaxation is gradually transformed to mental relaxation. Likewise, it helps you develop confidence and perseverance which controls entire body movement. Aikido is more than just intellectualization; it reflects spiritual and psychological insights in a person: under pressure, these insights soon disappear, and an individual relapses to old ingrained habits.

3. Self-Defense

Unlike other forms of martial art, Aikido technique is commonly applied at varying stages, depending on the severity of the situation. Therefore, it is ideal for use in varying defensive situations including mental–health/medical environments, law enforcements/corrections and so forth. In japan, the technique is applied by the Secret Police due to its flexibility and efficiency.

4. Improves way of life

Aikido aims to enhance your life in a way that helps you practice conflict resolution in a proper manner. It is somewhat a force of creative change that makes learning possible, thereby developing your potential as a human being.

The main drawback associated with Aikido is that training fails to lay emphasis on how to initiate engagement during a fight. Since fights are often unpredictable, you may find yourself in trouble if you are hesitant to engage your enemy.

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