Benefits of Agni Sara

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Benefits of Agni Sara

Agni Sara refers to a position or yoga practice that combines the qualities of asana training and pranayama. ‘ This practice focuses on muscle contractions in the abdominal area and pelvic region. This particular yoga practice is also referred to as practicing internal fire as it literally fires up the body from within. ‘ With regular Agni Sara practice, one could get the following health benefits:

1. ‘ Strengthening of Core Muscles

Core muscles found in the abdominal and pelvic regions are exercised and strengthened with the Agni Sara yoga position. ‘ These particular areas are considered the body’s core and improvements in these areas also translate to improvements to the other body parts. ‘ Strong abdominal and pelvic muscles will also result to improved health of the urinary and digestive systems as they are being stimulated during the exercise.

2. ‘ Detoxification

Through regular practice of Agni Sara, the body will also be warmed up internally. ‘ This will then stimulate various body systems including the lymphatic system which helps in the elimination of toxins and free radicals that may be floating in the blood stream. ‘ With fewer toxins, the body will be able to reach optimum health and many illnesses will be avoided.

3. Improvement in well-being

As with other yoga techniques, the practice of Agni Sara will result in an overall improvement in terms of wellness and mindset. ‘ People who regularly practice yoga exercises like Agni Sara will be able to manage stress better and will have an overall sense of positivity and confidence. ‘ Over time, subtle changes in mood and outlook will be noticed with regular yoga sessions.

The best thing about yoga practice like the Agni Sara position is that it can basically be done almost anywhere and anytime. ‘ A person just needs to find a quiet place or corner to do regular sessions and thereby be able to reap various health benefits from it.

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