Benefits of Aerobics

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Benefits of Aerobics

Aerobics assist in pushing the circulatory system and the heart further than the other exercises. This stress placed on the body forces it to adapt and thus it causes many changes that benefit us in many ways. There are numerous benefits of aerobics and the following are some of them.

1. Improves cardiac function
Performing aerobics assist the heart to get more blood for every beat. This means that the heart beat rate is reduced during the exercise and also during relaxation. In addition to that, the heart enlarges resulting in a more proficient cardiovascular system.

2. Great for weight loss
During aerobics, the body burns a lot of calories and thus the total fat in the body is reduced. Oxygen is used very efficiently in aerobics causing an increase in fat burning. The fat will be replaced by muscles for a positive body structure change.

3. Enhances muscle health
Aerobics stimulate the development of certain microscopic blood vessels which provide adequate quantities of oxygen to the muscles. This is beneficial as it keeps the muscle away for certain metabolic wastes like lactic acid. Aerobics assist in reducing the symptoms felt by people with back pain and also chronic muscle pain. It also accelerates cellulite treatment.

4. Improves body resistance
Immediately after or during exercise you might feel very tired. On the other hand, as you continue performing aerobics, your strength will gradually increase. This means that you are going to have more energy as well for immediate power requirements.

5. Reduces risk of diseases
The additional weight has been known to lead to a variety of conditions including high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and stroke among others. The risk to acquire such diseases actually reduces as with the loss of weight due to the performance of aerobics.
Nevertheless, performing aerobics can cause harmful injuries if performed incorrectly. You might acquire knee or ankle injuries that are quite painful. For that reason, extra caution should be observed when performing aerobic exercises.

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