Benefits Of Aerating Lawn

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Benefits of Aerating Lawn

Aerating the lawn is very beneficial anyplace where it slopes. If you aerate regularly, water easily seeps on the sloped areas. You may have noticed dry slopes on your lawn; it’s mainly because water doesn’t get down to the roots. Organic lawn treatment is effective as it releases beneficial bacteria and microbial into the soil so that oxygen is readily available to plant roots. As a result, additional root growth creates a healthy, and more varied soil environment, providing a disease and pest free resistant roots and soil. Here are the common benefits of aerating your lawn.

1. Low environmental impact

The main benefit of aerating your lawn using organic treatments is that they are easily assimilated in the soil, and do not contain toxins that may pollute the water or soil. The ingredients occur naturally and the slow release of phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen create no hazard for wildlife, fish or people.

2. No grass burning

The presence of phosphorus and nitrogen in naturally occurring molecules are slowly broken down by plant activity in the soil. This simply means nitrogen fusion is highly concentrated, a chemical reaction that leads to ‘’burns”.

3. Reduces soil compaction

Aerating the lawn using organic treatments come with ‘’mucus membranes” and ‘’husks” which prevent solidifying the soil. Unlike synthetic fertilizers, organic treatments have a natural resistance to soil compaction.

4. Improves soil structure

Aerating your lawn on a regular basis will control thatch build up, which in turn improves soil structure. On the other hand, aeration is effective in loosening up the soil particles. By doing so, fertilizers and water will easily be absorbed in the soil.

Despite the fact that aerating your lawn has several benefits, there are also drawbacks associated with mulching. The main shortcoming is that it is a very tedious job since mulch is quite bulky to move around.

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