Benefits of ADD

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Benefits of ADD

Many people think that having Attention Deficit Disorder is a very bad thing. Even though this particular condition presents some challenges; usually it offers some great benefits. Further down are few benefits of ADD that most people are not aware of.

1. Increases creativity

Most people with ADD are very creative and most of them are actually good musicians, film makers, painters, writers, designers, comedians and sculptors among others. In fact, composers Beethoven and Mozart also had Attention Deficit Disorder.

2. Compassion

Individuals with ADD have a great power to connect well with other people. They also have an advanced capability to emphasize with other people and also see various perspectives.

3. Problem Solving Ability

People with ADD thrive on solving puzzles and problems. They are unable to leave any task incomplete until they have found the solution. Significant historical inventors like Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Edison are said to have had ADD.

4. Enhanced drive

When an individual with ADD is bored with a certain task, then completing it might seem like torture. On the other hand, if you give such a person an interesting project, then it is highly likely that it will be finished quickly.

5. Overactive focus and intuition

The overactive focus ability is something that people with ADD use to their advantage. If it is kept under control and then directed towards useful tasks such as accomplishing goals, it can be a great asset. They also have a highly tuned perception level which is a very beneficial gift.

6. Idea generating.

These people are brilliant idea generators even though they do not like to be concerned with details. This is good asset, especially in brainstorming meetings.

There is no denying that whereas there are many benefits that come with Attention Deficit Disorder, there are also many challenges. Many people with ADD are unable to focus in classrooms and thus they cannot proceed with their regular education.

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