Benefits Of Abolishing the Death Penalty

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Benefits of Abolishing the Death Penalty

Capital punishment or death penalty is used for punishing various crimes and some believe that it is the best option for crimes like murder and kidnapping. Many people are against the death penalty, with most of them calling for the abolition of this ruling. By abolishing the death penalty, the following advantages can be achieved.

1. Offers rehabilitation opportunities
By placing individuals on the feared death row, the court does not accomplish much as the victims of whichever crimes were committed are already dead and cannot be brought back. Through abolishing the death penalty, the prisons have adequate time to rehabilitate the inmates as they are not going to be killed. The inmates can opt to change their ways and become better community members.

2. Capital punishment failed like a deterrent
Criminologists claim that when executions are publicized, normally more murders and other crimes take place in the weeks and days that follow. Publicity may promote crime rather than prevent it. Capital punishment has therefore completely failed like a crime deterrent and should not be utilized any longer.

3. Avoids death of innocents
Abolishing the death penalty is a good way of ensuring that innocent people are not killed. Conviction of innocent people does happen and capital punishment makes the lapse of justice irreversible. Actually, two states Rhode Island and Main abolished the capital punishment due to remorse and public shame once they found out that they had executed innocent individuals.

4. Prevents revenge
According to criminologists, a key motive or logic for capital punishment or death penalty is revenge. This legal vengeance usually solidifies the social unity against criminals and it is the substitute of private revenge by people who feel wounded by certain crimes. However, since revenge is not part of the justice system, abolishing the death penalty is an excellent way of ensuring this point.
The drawback of abolishing the death penalty is that prisons will become overcrowded and there will be limited spaces.


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