Benefit Of BMW

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Benefit of BMW

BMW offers an array of attractive repair and service offers, specifically tailored to meet your needs. These offers normally range from basic car maintenance to rear-silencer or shock absorber replacement. By receiving extensive training from BMW as well as first hand experience in high-tech workshops, you will be able to carry out a number of repairs with minimal effort. Listed below are some of the benefits of working for BMW.

1. Pension plan and health benefits

The financial security and well-being of their staff is evident in the health and pension benefits package. BMW offers a comprehensive health benefits package to all full-time employees. In addition to that, they have a competitive retirement plan. With that said, working in BMW is truly an enviable opportunity for many.

2. Life/work balance

It is always important to create life/work balance. That is why employees working in BMW are given the opportunity to adjust their schedules in a way that suit their needs. With the flextime policy, each employee has time off. Moreover, they have a Sick Leave Plan that provides employees with income flexibility.

3. Community development

The BMW group believes in dedicating its resources to the environment and the community. Therefore, every year each associate has to volunteer in a community event or local charity. The staff is also challenged to develop a ‘Green’ way of life by implementing meaningful environmental initiatives at the workplace.

4. Social and Recreational activities

The BMW group also has a number of social activities which include cultural events, sport teams, summer events and holiday parties. This way, employees can relax away from the work environment and return to work energized.

5. Lease plan

The lease plan was designed to give employees the opportunity to experience the thrill of driving one of their cars, a Motorcycle or a BMW at lease price or discounted purchase.

Since it is a renowned global company, you need the necessary qualifications to have an edge over other candidates.

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